AOM 2014

Shareholder Empowerment – Professional Development Workshop

Program Session #: 339 | Submission: 10779 | Sponsor(s): (SIM)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 2 2014 12:15PM – 2:15PM at Loews Philadelphia Hotel in Penn


Maria Goranova, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Lori Verstegen Ryan, San Diego State University


Parthiban David, American University
Loizos Th. Heracleous, University of Warwick
Sergio Giovanetti Lazzarini, Insper Institute of Education and Research


John Berns, University of Missouri
Ann K. Buchholtz, Rutgers University
Jill Ann Brown, Bentley University
Jonathan Bundy, Pennsylvania State University
Cynthia Clark, Bentley University
Elise Perrault, College of Charleston
Kathleen Rehbein, Marquette University
Steve Sauerwald, University of Illinois, Chicago
Kate Sikavica, University of Zürich
Karen Schnatterly, University of Missouri
Marguerite Schneider, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Marc Van Essen, University of South Carolina

The main objective of this workshop is to facilitate contributions to the shareholder empowerment debate from diverse management perspectives and stimulate future research. Despite the importance of shareholder empowerment for public firms, considerable uncertainty persists about the impact of shareholder empowerment on contemporary corporations. Proponents claim that shareholder empowerment will improve managerial accountability to firm shareholders, and thus, improve firm performance. Critics, on the other hand, question the view that corporations exist to line the pockets of shareholders at the expense of organizational stakeholders and warn that empowering shareholders will merely compound the problem of managerial self-serving with the problem of shareholder self- serving. To address both the benefits and challenges of shareholder empowerment, we have invited scholars representing diverse views and approaches, that address this debate and contribute to our understanding of the 1) theoretical foundations of shareholder empowerment 2) implications for stakeholders and managers, and 3) under what conditions shareholder empowerment creates value for modern firms. We will use an incubator approach to facilitate discussion amongst participants and help identify under- researched areas and directions for future research on shareholder empowerment.

Search Terms: Shareholder empowerment , Ownership , Principal costs and benefits

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